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Twice the Workout in Half the Time Compared to a Conventional  Football Sled

The SledHammer™ is a revolutionary football sled that provides a full body workout like no other. Its innovative design simulates actual game movements by making players rapidly move their hands while ensuring proper upper body technique in a bent position.  The unit develops a player’s posture, body positioning, and provides an intense aerobic/cardio workout like no other football sled.  Unlike a conventional football sled, the unit is bi-directional and does not need to be turned around meaning you can maximize your time and make training more efficient.  To provide each player a unique and customized challenge, conventional barbell weights can be added to both sides of the unit.  The SledHammer™ football sled comes in two core dimensions depending on the size of your players.



The idea for the SledHammer™ football sled was born out of the cleanup efforts of the CEO after the April 27, 2011 tornadoes that devastated Northern Alabama.  As a high school strength and conditioning coach, while rolling logs out of his neighbor’s yard, he realized the movements mimicked a full body workout.  His vision is now a reality in providing the most effective and efficient football sled on the market.


As a coach, the SledHammer™ football sled will save you precious time during your practices and provide your players with a unique strength and conditioning exercise that will take them and your team to the next level. The SledHammer can be used year round as it does not utilize practice dummies or bags of any kind.

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Customization: Want the SledHammer to match your team colors? The SledHammer is customizable to fit your needs. The grip cover comes in a variety of patterns, colors and prints. Plus, we can also customize training panels to your specifications.


Ordering Information: If you would like customization and pricing information, please contact us to discus how the SledHammer could help improve you or your team’s strength and endurance.
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