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Unlike traditonal sleds, The SledHammer ships as a complete unit. No assembly is required. Simply connect the sleds to the core, add weight, and Get Better!

The standard SledHammer varsity package is available in a set of 3 customizable units of our 18 inch core, 24 inch core, or a combination of both. If you would like more than 3 units we can accommodate any number upon request. We understand that every customer has specific needs. Please provide your customization preferences and fill out the contact information below for a preliminary quote. ASK ABOUT OUR PAYMENT PLANS. A sales associate will contact you as soon as possible.



3 18" SledHammer's $5,550 + $1,650 per extra unit
3 24" SledHammer's $6,750 + $1,850 per extra unit
Additional Unit(s)

To see all available colors see our Customize page

Select a Core Drum Color:

Select a Grip Color:

Select a Paneling Color:

Spider $500

*Must already have the base sled to push the SledHammer. $850 for sled, H Bar, and Spider attachment

Include Straps $50 for 2

Harness $50

Indoor Application $50

Contact Information
First Name:
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Additional customization requests:

The SledHammer and SledHammer sleds are patent pending.