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TROUT Fitness

SledHammerâ„¢ Offers Several Other Products to Maximize your Benefits from each Workout



TROUT Fitness now offers bands to go with their system. The same sled used in the SledHammer and the Spider can now also be used to attach bands for a large variety of exercises. We offer bands for Running, Jumping, Ankles, and Arms. We will have 24 points of possible for connections for the bands where a person can use whichever bands and however many bands they prefer. We also offer a base package of 10 bands with 4 Running, 2 Ankle, 2 Jumping, and 2 Arms. For pricing please contact us at sales@troutfitness.com


The new ‘Spider’ system by TROUT Fitness is a push sled system that is great for developing speed, explosion, endurance, and power. This simple system can be adjusted easily up and down to customize desired height. Their are 5 points of grip to also fit you and your team’s needs.


TROUT Fitness straps are a very simple addition but create a lot effective auxiliary exercise. They can be used by simply adding them to the axle and can be pulled or pushed. An athlete can also do a variety of explosive exercises using the straps as well.


The TROUT Fitness Harness is a traditional harness that can be attached to our sleds and used to help an athlete develop speed, explosion, and power. This unit comes with the harness and a 10 foot strap that easily connects to our sleds.

Indoor Use

With our Indoor application an athlete can use all our equipment indoors on any type of surface. This includes polished concrete and gym floors. The advantage to our system is the ease to attach the indoor application and a similar resistance it creates. No scratches to your floors!