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TROUT Fitness

The SledHammer has multiple customizable options available. Use this page to browse through the options and choose those that are best for you and your team. When you are ready to place a quote proceed to the Quote Request page.


Here are the colors available for the Core Drum:

CoralYellowBlackDark GreyGreyWhiteNeon GreenPastel GreenDark GreenPastel BlueNavyRoyal BlueDark PurplePurpleCrimsonPastel RedNeon YellowRed

Here are the colors available for the Grip and Panels*:

BlackWhiteGreyDark GreyLight BlueRoyal BlueDeep BluePurpleLime GreenYellowOrangeRedPinkBlack MarbleRoyal MarblePurple MarbleGreen CamoBlue CamoSnow CamoYellow CamoSwamp Camo

*Paneling on the SledHammer allows you to target specific muscle groups during your training exercises. Inside movement targets the chest and pectoral area. Hand position on the panels targets the bicep and triceps, and hand position outside the panels focuses on the shoulder, trap and upper back muscle groups.